A table of correspondences between the Tarot and Symbolon deck.

In 1993, US Games Systems, Inc. published the Symbolon deck created by three artists: Peter Orban, Ingrid Zinnel, Thea Weller. The deck turned out to be very interesting and has the entirely different structure as compared to the traditional Tarot deck. The number of cards is the same, however, instead of the dividing on the Major and Minor Arcana, its cards are represented as pair combinations of Zodiac signs: 1/2 12 11 + 12 = 78.

The Symbolon deck made under influence of Rider-Waite Tarot deck and for about one-half of the Symbolon cards the correspondences can be found after the searching for the outward resemblances between the cards of these decks. For the other cards the earlier established Tarot- I Ching correspondence is very useful. As a result we obtain the following table (K - King, Q - Queen, N - KNight, P - Page)

A table of correspondences between the Tarot and Symbolon deck.

As one can see, there is no evident regularity in this table. For information, we collect in the table the distributions of the suits by the Zodiac signs (T stands for Major Arcana).

One interesting observation is the prevalence of the Major Arcana on the main diagonal and the suit of hearts in Pieces. However, as it was said, there is no strict regularity in the table. Perhaps, it could appear if the Zodiac signs in Symbolon cards are slightly changed but this question still remains open.

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